Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions 


The LESSEE is responsible for the vehicle and optional extras during the rental period and until the vehicle is delivered to ABALPE RENT A CAR, under the contracted terms.

The rental period starts at the moment the LESSEE enters into the vehicle rental agreement and ends when ABALPE RENTA A CAR takes possession of the same and the respective key.

If the LESSEE chooses to return the vehicle outside of office hours, the responsibility for the vehicle will be yours until ABALPE RENT A CAR takes possession of it.

When using the "Delivery and Collection" service, the LESSEE will be responsible for the vehicle from the moment it is delivered to him and until ABALPE RENT A CAR collects and takes possession.

The LESSEE undertakes

 - To make a normal and prudent use of the vehicle, lawfully and for lawful purposes, complying with the Law, in particular the Highway Code, ensuring that the vehicle is locked and with all windows, roof or roof properly closed when not in use, not leaving the documents related to it, without prejudice to them always being a carrier, and placing the appropriate fuel

 - Return the vehicle after the rental term, in the same state of use, with the respective equipment and documents

 - Immediately report any defect or malfunction of the vehicle

- Prevent that by act or omission, third parties are convinced that the vehicle is your property, notifying ABALPE RENT A CAR immediately in case of attachment, attachment, theft, theft, requisition, confiscation or any other offense of property, possession or detention of the vehicle.

Without prejudice to civil liability, the LESSEE, under penalty of exclusion from the insurance coverage, will not allow the vehicle to be

Conducted by an unidentified person and not accepted by ABALPE RENT A CAR, as stipulated in the Contract or any annex or amendments that form an integral part thereof; conducted under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or other similar disturbing state that, directly or indirectly, reduces your perception and ability to react; driven by a person under the age of 19, 20 or 25 and with a valid driving license for less than 1 year or 2 years, depending on the group to which the vehicle belongs

Used to push or pull any vehicle or trailer or any other object with or without wheels; used for sports events or training of any kind, official or not; used for transportation in violation of the Law;

The LESSEE is prohibited, in relation to the vehicle, its documents, tools, parts and components, to perform the following acts: sublease, lend, assign, sell, encumber or in any way give in guarantee, transform, modify or place advertising or commercial mentions.

The LESSEE is solely responsible for the fines, accessory sanctions, fines and other penalties that the Courts and Administrative Authorities establish, following administrative and criminal proceedings arising from the use of the vehicle, during the rental period.

The LESSEE can only use the vehicle outside the Portuguese Continental Territory, in Countries covered by the International Green Card Certificate, after written authorization from ABALPE RENT A CAR, which may require the provision of supplementary warranty up to the limit of the commercial value of the vehicle;

The LESSEE must request authorization at least 48 hours in advance, assuming that the vehicle is not allowed to leave in the event of non-response by ABALPE RENT A CAR.

The Contract will be considered automatically terminated if the vehicle is used under conditions that constitute a violation thereof, with ABALPE RENT A CAR having the right to recover the vehicle, at any time and in any way, without the need for prior notice, being the respective charges exclusively the LESSEE's responsibility, without prejudice to the indemnities that legally or contractually fall to ABALPE RENT A CAR or to third parties, if applicable.

The LESSEE will be the only driver of the rented vehicle, unless an additional driver is indicated in the rental contract or attached to it. In this case,

The LESSEE is responsible for ensuring that any additional driver or any passenger authorized by him to travel in the vehicle complies with these General Conditions.

The LESSEE is also responsible for any costs or charges incurred by ABALPE RENT A CAR as a result of non-compliance with these General Conditions by an additional driver or passenger.