Car rental or leasing is a type of business that consists of offering a vehicle (passenger car, vans, motorcycles or trucks) to rent for a certain period of time, usually short between a few hours and a few weeks. Also used are the English expressions rent a car, car rental and car hire. Rental agencies are usually located near airports, train or bus stations (bus stations) and in strategic points of important cities.

Business models

Car rental companies operate by purchasing or financing a large number of vehicle fleets and renting them to their customers for a fee.

Fleets can be structured in a variety of ways - they can be owned (called 'risky vehicles' because the rental company takes the risk of how much the vehicle will be sold for after the vehicle is removed service), can be obtained by leasing, or maintained under a repurchase guarantee program adjusted directly with the vehicle manufacturer or its dealer (these are called 'repurchase vehicles' because the manufacturer defines exactly the purchase and repurchase price after a defined period)