About Us

About Us 

Who we are


Abalpe-Rent-A-Car is a car rental company in Bracelos, which has been operating in the national market for 4 years. Founded by Abel Alkhatib, it is known as a family company with its own name that operates mainly in the business market segment of insurance companies, fleet managers and travel assistance, including passenger and commercial vehicles.

Today, Abalpe-Rent-A-Car is a brand that aims to be a leader in car rental in the private sector and also in business to help small businesses move forward with their project without borders. It started to operate with about 22 vehicles with a counter in Barcelos; today it has a fleet of around 40 vehicles from different segments, and incorporates more than 4 specialized employees.

Abalpe-Rent-A-Car has been integrated into the various main insurance companies in the city of Barcelos, where it is currently located and maintains its identity and values that are at its origin.

The company is recognized in the market for the excellent service it offers, being an example of a family business that operates in close relationship with customers.


It is our goal to adopt strategies for growth and consolidation of the business principles of proximity to the Client under the motto of “We rent solutions”, but with the internal service culture under the reference of “Quality, Rigor, Responsibility and Transparency”.


We base our business philosophy on institutional values: we value those who accompany us daily. This positioning surpasses the commercial objective and intersects with the models of citizenship and human valorization: Quality, Rigor, Responsibility and Transparency.

Quality policy

The Quality Policy is assumed to be the main driver of customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is the guiding principle of constant improvement processes, which are essential to the commercial, organizational and economic performance of our company.

Therefore, our actions are directed to:

- Total customer satisfaction

- Business profitability

- Value creation

- Good relationship with suppliers and partners

- Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the management system

- Employee motivation and satisfaction

- Compliance with requirements

With this certification, Abalpe-Rent-A-Car reinforced its competence and rigor in the execution of the services it provides, assuming the commitment to comply with high rigor and demanding standards.